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Aomori Nebuta Festival

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Aomori Nebuta Festival

The Aomori Nebuta Festival enthralls millions of visitors every year from August 2 to 7, with brightly lit, intricate and boldly colored floats known as nebuta.

These gigantic lantern floats are five meters high and weigh close to four tons, and reflect themes from kabuki, history, mythology and more. These enormous floats are pushed around the city, accompanied by hayashi music and haneto dancers who jump in time to the music, chanting “Rassera, rassera!”

Anybody who wears the official costume can join in the parade. If you prefer simply to watch, there is plenty of space along the parade route, or reserved grandstand seating for a better view.

Several nebuta floats are ferried on ships through the harbor on the final night, as fireworks light up the summer sky.

Photos by Aomori Tourism and Convention Association