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Shake Up Your Summer with Calpis Shakes

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Japan hasn’t quite gone into full-on hot and steamy summer mode, but those sweltering days are coming soon. So the announcement of McDonald’s Japan’s new cold and delicious beverage really couldn’t come at a better time.

The fast food giant—which is always eager to offer fare that makes use of local Japanese flavors—has put the word out that at the end of June, 2018, it’ll start serving Calpis-flavored shakes. For the uninitiated, Calpis (or Calpico, as it’s often marketed overseas) is a yogurt-like beverage. It’s usually mixed with water, sometimes carbonated and occasionally even used as a cocktail mixer, pleasing palates both young and old with a unique balance of sweet and tart notes.

The folks over at SoraNews24 tried it last year and came away more than satisfied, but McDonald’s has still decided to tinker with the recipe. They promise that this year’s Calpis McShake has had its sweetness toned down ever so slightly, allowing the tartness to shine even more! That will make the 2018 version even more refreshing to sip on during the hottest days of the year.

While yogurt-like shakes might seem a little unusual, McDonald’s Japan has previously sold yogurt granola smoothies, and yogurt Frappuccinos have also graced Starbucks’ menus in Japan. And for even more historic precedent, there’s lassi, the Indian yogurt drink that’s often enjoyed at the end of a meal of spicy curry, so maybe there’ll be some similar synergy between the Calpis McShake and McDonald’s Japan’s new spicy chicken McNuggets.

The new Calpis shakes go on sale June 27, priced at ¥120 (US$1.10) for a small and ¥200 (about US$1.83) for a large, and will be available for a limited, undisclosed time.

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