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4 Ways to Learn Japanese from YouTube

Video Learning Japanese

4. Watch Japanese Videos!

Of course, one of the best things you can do to gain listening practice using YouTube is to actually watch Japanese YouTubers. Unlike scripted TV shows, you (probably) won’t be hearing pre-written lines, so it’s a good chance to hear Japanese people speaking naturally—wherever you are in the world!

Here’s a brief selection of some major players:

→ Hikakin

Hikakin is probably the biggest Japanese YouTuber, with millions of subscribers and four channels including a dedicated gaming channel. His HikakinTV channel is a good place to start for taste tests and challenges, like this one of him enclosing himself in a giant bubble.

→ Sasaki Asahi

YouTuber Sasaki Asahi’s main channel is mostly make-up and fashion tutorials (these are subtitled in English), but she also vlogs in Japanese on her second channel sasakiasahiVlog.

She also makes a regular renai soudan (love advice) series with the hilarious HetareBBoy, where they give out dating advice in response to viewer comments and tweets. It’s a fast-paced, irreverent, agony aunt-and-uncle column for the 21st century.

→ Megwin TV

Megwin makes odd, odd films every day, from pranks to travel to cooking. Here’s a 2014 video of him brewing coffee with Monster energy drink instead of water. As you do.

And Finally...

If you’re looking for Japanese YouTube channels, the official YouTube Japan channel is actually not a bad starting point. Or you can do what I did once and work your way down this list of the 100 most subscribed channels in Japan.

Cooking with Dog is still the 15th most subscribed channel in Japan!

So whether it’s language lessons or vloggers, dating advice or verb conjugation, watching Japanese YouTube videos can be a great way to add a little more listening practice—or just a little more Japan—into your day-to-day life. The absolute best thing to do, though, is just to play to your interests! If you’re into cooking, fashion, cats, tech, pranks, sports, or slime, just go search for it. In Japanese, of course.

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