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4 Ways to Learn Japanese from YouTube

Video Learning Japanese

3. Watch Subtitled Japanese Videos!

If the idea of watching a video in 100 percent Japanese seems a bit daunting, you might want to find videos in Japanese with subtitles. But not many Japanese YouTubers go through their videos and put English subs on everything (why would they?). There is one type of YouTuber that does this though: non-Japanese people who video-blog in Japanese. Here’s a small selection of YouTubers who make English-subtitled videos:

→ Bobby Judo

In his series "One Beer with Bobby," TV personality and radio presenter Bobby Judo takes questions from Japanese people about foreigners and foreign countries, and answers them with “a little liquid confidence." His Japanese YouTube videos are English subtitled, and he also speaks really clearly, too (must be that radio presenting practice).

→ PDR-san

If you want to watch videos in (mostly!) Japanese with English subtitles, YouTubers PDR-san and Mimei, or indeed their joint channel BaCouple, are a fun place to start for wacky, interesting videos about Japan-related (and non-Japan related) stuff.