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Psychedelic J-Pop Sushi

Sushi J-Pop Video

Orange Range is a well-known, five-member Japanese rock band formed in Okinawa in 2001. Their music video for “Sushi Tabetai” (lit. “I want to eat sushi”), which appears on their 10th album, fittingly called Ten, has received over half a million views since being uploaded to YouTube in September this year.

While the disproportioned animated images hark back to psychedelic rock videos from the 70s, people in Japan have discovered that the animators behind "Sushi Tabetai" also produced a commercial for pest extermination company Hato Amemiya earlier this year—an equally bizarre clip that focused on the world of pigeons and highlighting the issues that arise when they come into contact with an elite salaryman.

The video, and the song itself, is so crazy, once you see it you’ll find yourself hitting the replay button just to watch it again!

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