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Beautiful Scenes of Snowy Tottori

Snow Tottori Chugoku

Japan is always beautiful—but it takes on a special serenity when covered in snow. Blogger/filmmaker Davy Michiels headed out to Tottori Prefecture to capture scenes of historic Kurayoshi City (倉吉市・Kurayoshi-shi) under a blanket of snow.

Despite its frosty coating, the Tenjin River (天神川・Tenjin-gawa) still flows through the city's Maruyamacho (丸山町) district, with the Byakuin Kannon-do (白衣観音堂) temple grounds located just to the west. As the sun sets over the city, you can see Mount Daisen and Mount Hiruzen silhouetted to the west.

Tottori is also known for its pears (and pear museum!) as well as being the home of the creator of the long-running Detective Conan manga series.