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AAJ Adventures: Shibuya's Cutest Hedgehog Café

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Thanks to the popularity of the super adorable critters on Instagram, the unassuming hedgehog has become one of Japan's most sought-after pets. But as many people can attest, pet ownership in Japan can be a little difficult, especially bringing your pets from abroad. As a result, hedgehog cafés have started popping up here in Tokyo.

Located just a few minutes from Shibuya Station, Chiku Chiku Café is the latest addition to the hedgehog café circuit, and it’s arguably the most charming yet. Here, a small colony of hedgehogs live together in custom-crafted miniature dollhouses. There’s a café setting, a classroom, a quaint backyard garden and even a Japanese-style room for that traditional touch. There are a few self-service drinks available for humans when you need a short break from the cuteness overload, but don't let the name café fool you. There's nothing on the menu for you to eat, just pellets to feed the hungry little guys.

The café is becoming popular with both tourists and locals alike. You can feed, hold and take photos with your new laid-back and spiky friends, as long as you pay special attention to staff instruction (only the best for these little guys).

So, where does the name Chiku Chiku come from? Well in Japanese chiku chiku (ちくちく) means something close to "prickly" but don’t worry their spikes are super soft. We recommend you come on down to Shibuya and play with these cute critters yourself!

Chiku Chiku Café
1-13-5 Daikyousibuya Bldv. 2F
Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0002

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