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Instagramable Shopping Street Kagurazaka

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Instagramable Shopping Street Kagurazaka

In the middle of Tokyo, there's a calm shopping street that is visited mainly by locals: Kagurazaka. Its photogenic stores have started to attract tourist attention and their camera snaps. Let us introduce you to our Insta-bae (Instagramable) selections in Kagurazaka.

4. La Kagu

If you're looking for a "typical Japanese lifestyle store," then La Kagu is a must go! This store has anything you want to develop your lifestyle: fashion, furniture, home decor, body care, kitchenware and even books! Plus, there's a nice cafe/restaurant where you can enjoy your shopping break and shop again afterward—definitely a one-stop-shop location for the weekend!

Recently, different events are being held in the store to attract more people. One such event was an exhibition of Paul Smith inspirations and a limited showcase of Paul Smith x La Kagu collaboration products for purchase (image above).

Address: 67 Yaraicho, Shinjuku

3. Makanai Cosme

3. Makanai Cosme

Japan is full of specialized brands that are focused on producing high-quality products with a long history. In Kagurazaka, we can find one a high-end cosmetic brand that fits the bill: Makanai Cosme. It was started in 1899 in Kanazawa, first created for women workers in gold foil factories whose skin was severely damaged by working conditions in the factories. It later developed into a high-end brand with different products for hair, face, hands, the body, etc. Aside from the regularly offered products, there are also limited/special products from time to time. One such limited offering recently involved a Hello Kitty hand cream and a Tokyo Station-limited hand cream. If you are a fan of cosmetics, Makanai Cosme would definitely be worth checking out.

Address: 3-1 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku

2. Noren & Muro Noren

2. Noren & Muro Noren

Noren is an up-and-coming chain store that sells different kinds of authentic Japanese products as souvenirs. Noren in Japanese means both good reputation and shop curtain, which are both good meanings for a store. The interior of each store is filled with traditional Japanese motifs. The souvenirs they sell range from accessories, fabric, tote bags, food, beverages and traditional Japanese toys such as kendama. This store definitely provides you with anything you want to buy as a Japanese souvenir. Next to Kagurazaka's Noren, there's a Muro Noren shop that specializes in food-related Japanese products.

Address: 1-12 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku

1. Popular Kagurazaka Characters

祭りだ祭りだ〜 #神楽坂#コボちゃん#コボちゃん像

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In addition to its shopping selections, Kagurazaka is also a very photogenic street for your Instagram feed! Aside from the aforementioned three Instagramable stores we introduced, there are two more characters that are worth a snap: Peko-chan and Kobo-chan (pictured above). Kobo-chan is the titular character from a manga created by Masashi Ueda. And Peko-chan is the lip-licking mascot for Milky, a candy popular all over Japan. They are located in two different spots on the main street of Kagurazaka. Peko-chan is closer to Iidabashi Station outside the Fujiya store, and Kobo-chan is closer to Kagurazaka Station. Both of them have their outfits changed regularly according to the seasons. For instance, in December they are dressed for Christmas style. See if you can spot them on your next visit and share their latest fashion choices on your social media feed.