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Visiting Japan Made Easier With Travel Hub Mix

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All of Japan, especially the capital city, is working hard to prepare for the 2020 Olympic Games. Many new facilities are being built, more signs are appearing in different languages, and more tourist-friendly facilities are popping up. One such facility, Travel Hub Mix, is here to help tourists make their trip smoother and more memorable.

Travel Hub Mix started in summer 2017 to provide services to tourists. But they are not merely a tourist information site. The "MIX" idea is Meetup + Inspiration + eXperience, which means providing a meetup space for travelers, or those who have a passion in tourism, to inspire each other as well as offering different travel-related activities for everyone to experience Japan.

Outside of providing pamphlets and concierge information, Travel Hub Mix also offers the following services:
• Renting out smartphones for tourists to get connected and use map for locations
• Offering storage for luggage that won't fit in station lockers
• Providing same-day shipping for purchases to hotel/airports
• Exhibiting a VR travel experience, letting users feel what it's like to travel to different areas in Japan or participate in different cultural activities (tea ceremonies and dance for example).

One of the main goals of Travel Hub Mix is exemplifying "experience," which aims to let visitors learn more about Japan firsthand. For that, Travel Hub Mix has a space for seminars and a kitchen for Japanese cuisine demonstrations and tastings. Since Travel Hub Mix opened, there have been many seminars on Japanese tourism, cultural experience and future trends of Japanese travel. I was so very honored to give a speech on the stage as "Captain Shiozaki" to promote to the public, on behalf of the Japanese government, how beautiful Japan is through my journeys.

Travel Hub Mix
Business Hours
Monday-Saturday, 10 p.m.-6 p.m. (closed on Sunday)

Closest Stations
JR Tokyo Station- Nihonbashi Exit
Metro Ootemachi Station- Exit B8-a
Metro Nihonbashi Station- Exit A1
Metro Mitsukoshimae Station- Exit B2