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How to Install a Washlet: Star Wars Edition?

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Want to know how to install a Washlet in your own home? Toto has released a detailed, step-by-step, Washlet installation video—in English! The instruction video features a cheerful narrator, upbeat, John Williams-y music, and a rather hairy hand model who demonstrates the proper way to install various Toto Washlets.

The video shows a Western audience how easy it can be to add a Washlet to your home bathroom. Just make sure you've got a plug nearby, and try not to think about crashing a Rebel Alliance celebration as the music plays. But considering the narrator introduces something called eWater plus (that's "e-wa... ter"), we seriously suspect the music is sending an intentional subliminal message—and may explain why Stormtroopers hung out on the forest moon of Endor in outfits that were entirely porcelain white.