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New Giant Gundam Statue Is Finally Complete

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However, as fans know, Destroy Mode is only one of the Unicorn Gundam’s configurations. The other is Unicorn Mode (which features a single horn-like protrusion from the robot’ head), and so multiple times a day the statue transforms between the two modes.

The transformation happens daily at 11 in the morning and 1, 3, and 5 in the afternoon, with the statue starting and ending the day in Destroy Mode. While the transformation is a cool moment to see, that’s really all it is: a moment, as the armor plates quickly slide around to complete the change in about 10 seconds.

Still, both modes have their own special visual appeal, so the thing to do is show up, snap some pictures, than go grab a bit to eat at the adjacent Diver City entertainment complex (or check out its brand new Gundam Base Tokyo model showroom and shop inside), then come back and get some more snapshots following the transformation.