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Funassyi's Toilet Cleaning Time

Funassyi Toilets

This video, entitled Funassyi no Toire Souji (Funassyi's Toilet Cleaning), is a long-way-around ad for Domesto, a high-powered drain cleaner. Funassyi spends more of his time playing than actually cleaning, which is all the better for our amusement.

Don't worry about the Japanese. Between the peculiar pear's high voice and his penchant for adding "-assyi" to every second word, we can barely understand anything he says anyway. As you might guess, it's mostly variants on "I wonder what's up?" "What was that?" and "Gaaaaaaah!" with a brief interlude of, "Hey, what the heck are you doing?"

The final line is "What the—?" Which basically sums up the whole thing. Yet for some reason, we still can't stop watching.