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Get the Mario Seal of Approval with New Stamps

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Starting June 28, Japan Post Holdings began selling stamps (the things people used to use to mail off their subscription forms to Nintendo Power) featuring Nintendo star Mario and his pals.

Perhaps realizing that video gamers generally don’t have an aversion to technology, and thus have largely embraced email and other forms of digital correspondence, the stamps are designed and packaged with collectors in mind. It’s available only as a sheet of 10 ¥82 (US$0.74) stamps, with the artwork arrayed in two columns and additional non-stamp illustrations gracing the non-stamp space as well.

In addition to Mario himself, lanky brother Luigi, Princess Peach, and stalwart ally Toad, dressed in the uniform of a Japanese mailman, no less, are featured. The ¥820 sheet of Super Mario stamps went on sale June 28 at Japanese post offices and here through Japan Post’s online shop. With plans to print two million sheets, these aren’t likely to become rare or valuable any time soon, but they should make a cool decoration or gift.

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