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Say 'I Do' with Pikachu

Pokémon Dating in Japan

Most fans get into the Pokémon franchise long before they reach marrying age, so as they prepare to take the somewhat scary plunge into marriage, they can now take heart that Pikachu is cheering for them in the form of a brand new Pokémon marriage registration form, courtesy of wedding magazine Zexy.

The August issue of Zexy, a popular and extremely comprehensive Japanese wedding planning magazine, goes on sale June 23, 2017. It’s sort of baffling for a periodical to hit newsstands two months before its officially designated time period, but readers will no doubt be quick to forgive the odd designation when they see that bundled with the August issue is a konintodoke (marriage registration form) with not just one, but two blissfully happy newlywed Pikachus, dressed in their wedding ceremony finery no less.

In addition, Zexy has a special something for one lucky couple. At the 11-second mark of the video announcement for the Pokémon konintodoke, Pikachu turns to the viewer and cheerfully says “Pikachu pika Pikachu!”

Zexy is asking for a translation (into Japanese) of what Pikachu is saying. The first person to follow Zexy’s official Twitter account and tweet the correct translation along with the hashtag #ゼクシィピカチュウクイズ (“Zexy Pikachu Quiz”) will receive a newly-married Pikachus' welcome board for guests to "ooh and aah" over at their reception. In the event that no entry has the translates Pikachu’s words exactly, the prize will be awarded to whoever’s translation is closest.

But while the welcome board is one-of-a-kind, all purchasers of the August Zexy issue will receive the Pikachu marriage registration form. Pick yours up before they’re sold out!

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