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'Lighthearted' Commercial Brings Family Closer

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Japanese commercials have a reputation for being absolutely insane, but this one titled “Firefly Man” by Ocedel for its long-life LED lights is on a whole new level.

We start off with a family that can’t pay its electric bill. The dad realizes he must do something, so he leaves on a quest among the fireflies to fulfill his destiny, and isn't seen until five years later. We won’t spoil the ending, but you can watch the full video above to see for yourself.

Some of the creative methods the dad comes up with to light up the house are pretty amazing. You can watch it with English subtitles here.

If you watched the whole commercial, then it probably won’t surprise you to learn that it has won several awards, including silver in Film and bronze in Film Craft at Cannes Lions, and the Grande Film award at 2016’s Asia Pacific AdFest.

So well done, “Firefly Man”! We're not sure if we're going to go out and buy any LED lights because of you, but you certainly did make us laugh out loud!


What happened at the end? The brother read in his textbook that fireflies only live up to one week, at which point poor dad immediately bit the dust!

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