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An Ode to Magikarp: The Weakest Pokémon

Pokémon Music Video

When writing lyrics for a song meant to express heartfelt love and dedication, “Totally pathetic, unreliable” seems like just about the worst choice for an opener. Still, it’s hard to argue with that descriptor when you’re talking about Magikarp, well-known as being the weakest of all Pokémon in the anime/video game franchise.

However, experienced Pokémon players know despite initially being able to do little more than splash about ineffectually, eventually Magikarp can be nurtured into evolving into the mighty Gyarados. Other hidden depths can be found in Magikarp’s name in Japan, Koiking, which could be translated as either “King of the Koi Fish” or “King of Love.”

Because of its diamond-in-the-rough characteristics and romantic name, Koiking became one of the chosen Pokémon to be honored with its own theme song, titled “The Koiking Song–I Love Koiking.” Released in Japan last summer, the song finally has an English version, called “The Magikarp Song.”

While Magikarp may not be your first choice in a Pokémon battle, this song has certainly captured our hearts and makes us feel sympathy towards this weak Pokémon.

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