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Protect Your Money with Moon Prism Power!

Sailor Moon Fashion Souvenirs

The next time fans of Sailor Moon come across some must-have piece of anime merch, they can pay for it by slipping bills out of a gorgeous wallet that makes use of traditional Kyoto kimono-making techniques.

Kyoto was Japan’s capital for more than 1,000 years, and you’d be correct in assuming that long-held position translates into the city also being a center of kimono culture. In particular, garments made using the Kyoto-produced textiles known as nishijin-ori are particularly prized for their intricate patterns and elegant colors, both of which are on display in this new nishijin-ori-style kimono fabric Sailor Moon wallet.

The moon and rabbit motif serves a double purpose. In Japanese folklore, rabbits are said to live on the moon, and such images have been featured on kimono fabric for generations. At the same time, the character Sailor Moon’s ordinary-schoolgirl name, Usasgi Tsukino, literally translates to “rabbit of the moon” when said family name-first, and so the crescents and bunnies are a fitting choice for the wallet, which is made from Kyoto-produced fabric and assembled in China.

A popular Japanese superstition holds that if you place bills into your wallet without folding them, you’ll have economic stability and prosperity in life. While always-logical Sailor Mercury would scoff at such an unscientific belief, the ample length of the nishijin-ori Sailor Moon wallet is still pointed out as a positive by its producers. On a more rational front, it has a total of 19 pockets, giving you plenty of places to store bills, coins, and your Sailor Moon fan club ID card.

Other nods to the anime come in the form of a decorative button styled after the Crystal Star Compact, as well as charms dangling on the end of the zipper cord that are shaped like the Silver Crystal and a crescent moon.

While the wallet itself is a container of sorts, it comes packaged in a snazzy Sailor Moon-themed box.

Although you can purchase the wallet for a single-payment price of ¥19,800 (US$180), you can also elect to make four separate payments of ¥4,980 instead, making the wallet easier to obtain even if you don’t have much spare cash to actually put in it.

Orders can be made online here through Japanese anime merchandiser Premico, with shipping listed as taking one to four weeks. Quantities are limited to 2,000 units, so you’ll want to act fast!

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