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Visit the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto

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History of the Golden Pavilion

Kinkaku-ji Temple was initially built s a retreat for the shogun in 1397. Years later it was modified and turned into a Zen temple. Since then, several fires have damaged it, so it has been rebuilt and remodeled in different periods. In recent years its impeccable presence has earned it the title of historic monument in Kyoto, and in 1994 it was classified as a World Heritage SIte.

Kinkaku-ji has three levels, of which the last two are completely covered in gold leaf. Although it’s not allowed to visit the interior of the temple, at the entrance you’ll receive a leaflet that will give you more information about its history. Also, don’t be saddened by this prohibition on going inside; DINKtravelers believes that what makes the Golden Pavilion spectacular are its majestic presence and its whereabouts.

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