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Dip Your McNuggets in Wasabi or Teriyaki Sauce

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In 2016, McDonald’s Japan introduced a yellow-suited character called the “Phantom Nugget Thief” as part of their Phantom Nugget Thief campaign. This year. the Nugget Thief is back again, and now he’s brought his son along for the festivities, with the two joining forces to promote a new “parent-and-child” sauce set.

Check out the “Phantom Nugget Thief” and his son, “Tiny Phantom Nugget Thief” promoting the new sauces.

The Otona Wasabi Mayo (Adult Wasabi Mayo) sauce is said to contain the invigorating taste of Japanese horseradish, mellowed out with a slight sweetness thanks to the addition of mayonnaise. While there’s a slight kick to the sauce that adults will love, it’s mild enough to be enjoyed by children too.

The Wanpaku Teriyaki Mayo (Naughty Teriyaki Mayo) sauce is a combination of creamy mayonnaise and rich, sweet teriyaki flavors. It’s said to be a familiar taste for local customers, as Japanese dishes like shogayaki (grilled pork and ginger) are often served with a mix of soy sauce and mayonnaise toppings.

The new sauce set will be available with any Chicken McNugget purchase during the campaign period, but as an extra special treat, McDonald’s will be selling 15-piece boxes with the two sauces for ¥390 (US$3.57), which is 30 percent cheaper than the usual retail price of ¥570.

The two new sauces will only be available for a short time, from April 26 to May 16, 2017, which also covers the Golden Week holiday period in Japan; a prime time for parents and children to be enjoying meals together while out and about on short trips around the country.

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