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All-You-Can-Eat Ramen for Less Than US$10

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There’s a special, heart-piercing sadness that comes about when you finish off a bowl of ramen. However, now you won't have to feel that heartache since there’s an all-you-can-eat ramen joint in the popular sightseeing spot Asakusa. Here, you can select your own toppings for less than US$10.

The restaurant is called Buta, which is also the Japanese word for “pig” or “pork.” The name is a reference to Buta’s specializing in tonkotsu (pork stock) ramen.

Before you get your broth or noodles, there’s a buffet line of toppings and seasonings where you can grab as much chashu pork, green onions, stewed eggs or other ramen fixings as you want, putting them into small dishes.

Once you’ve got your toppings ready, take a seat and ask for your first serving of noodles and broth (you can even choose between firm, soft, or regular texture noodles). Then all that’s left to do is add your toppings to the bowl and dig in!

Despite the “all-you-can-eat” aspect being Buta’s biggest claim to fame, the restaurant’s broth is flavorful and extremely satisfying. As if all this wasn’t enough to draw customers in, the buffet also includes rice, salad and dessert options, plus unlimited refills of juice.

The cost for 30 minutes in this all-you-can-eat ramen paradise is ¥1,058 (US$9.50), and considering many restaurants charge that much for a single bowl of topping-heavy ramen, Buta is a great place to pig out on Japan’s favorite noodle-based comfort food.

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