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The Weeping Willow Plum Trees of Mie

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The Weeping Willow Plum Trees of Mie

Suzuka Forest Garden in Mie Prefecture contains more than 200 shidare ume, or weeping plum trees. A variety of species gathered from around Japan have been planted in the garden, creating some truly whimsical views!

Certain trees are adorned with shimenawa (Shinto purification ropes).

As dazzling as the plum blossoms look against the blue spring sky, they take on a new yet equally enthralling quality as the sun goes down.

So this year, for the first time in Suzuka Forest Garden’s history, the facility is staying open after sundown so that visitors can stroll among its plum trees at night, with their flower-laden branches illuminated and forming bursts of color in the darkness.

Some of the larger trees almost look like fireworks.

As the sakura viewing season begins (and the ume blossoms become overlooked) you might want to hurry on over to Suzuka Forest Garden before these plum petals are gone with the wind.

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