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What's on the Menu Today, Ignis?

Japanese Food Video Final Fantasy

Tastemadeis known for having a vast collection of good-looking food and travel videos, and now its team in Japan is making news for releasing a clip that many are saying is their best yet. The video, simply titled Simmered Hodgepodge Stew (filled with meat and vegetables), looks no different at first glance from many of the other cooking clips in their collection, but people who’ve clicked on the clip have been pleasantly surprised with the cook at the head of the show.

Leading the cooking demonstration here is Ignis, one of the main characters who appears in the newly released Final Fantasy XV video game. The clip shows him stepping out of his computer-generated fantasy world and borrowing a real-world kitchen to make the King’s Stew before heading back to the world of Final Fantasy again.

While the in-game recipe for the King’s Stew calls for ingredients like Behemoth Tenderloin, Griffon Breast, and Kujata Marrow, in the real world, beef chunks will do the trick, and Tastemade Japan lists all the ingredients required to make the dish alongside the new video. If you’re looking to increase your Strength and HP like Ignis, check out the details on Tastemade Japan’s Twitter or Facebook page, or if you prefer your real-world cooking instant-style, you might want to grab come Cup Noodles like the stars of Cup Noodle XV.

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