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Pre-Order Your 'Evangelion' Kimono Today!

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From October 14 to 31, 2016 fans voted on which Evangelion design they would like to see made into a real, high-end kimono. The votes have now been cast and counted, and the winning design has finally been revealed!

Surprisingly, none of the character designs won. Instead, one that includes images of main character Shinji’s Eva, along with other colorful scenes from the anime on a black fabric, was the number one choice. Paired with a reversible obi, with a black-and-red hexagonal design on the front and technologically inspired graphics on the reverse side, the set makes for a truly vibrant and unique kimono.

Pre-orders are being accepted now until 7 p.m. (PST) on December 28, 2016. Sewing of the kimono is being handled by 70-year-old Hiroshima-based kimono tailor Assistar, and such craftsmanship comes with a fairly hefty price tag. You can choose to purchase the Evangelion x Full Graphic Kimono on its own for US$1,944, with the obi included for $2,138, or for $3,145 you can get the robe and obi set, plus a special hanger on which you can proudly display your one-of-100 limited-edition kimono when you’re not dressed in its glory.

The kimono is available for purchase worldwide through Tokyo Otaku Mode’s dedicated page here.

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