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Steamed Toast for the Perfect Slice

Shopping Bread

Created by appliance maker Balmuda, "Balmuda The Toaster" gives toast a golden brown surface and a satisfying crunch, with moisture and aroma held safely inside. Beyond toast, it's great for gratin, cookies, and of course frozen foods and rice cakes too.

The secret to the special taste coming out of Balmuda The Toaster is steam technology. By pouring 5 milliliters (1 tsp) of water into the toaster's water inlet, steam fills the interior while toasting, and the surface of your bread is covered with a thin film of moisture. As a result, only the surface of the bread is burnt lightly, while scent-forming elements like water and butter are contained inside.

A hit in Japan, the toaster also received the iF Design Award 2016 from Germany's influential iF International Forum Design GmbH. If you're looking for a gift, it's certainly a treat for anyone who loves toast!