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Ditto Debuts in Pokémon GO

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In the days immediately following Pokémon GO’s release, gamers were happy to get their hands on any and all Pocket Monsters they could find lurking in their surroundings.

With time, though, they began to fill up their Pokédexes. And even with dozens of species to capture, eventually Pokémon Trainers started running into the same creatures they’d already seen several times before.

The clever candy game mechanic helped ward off monotony, since you can trade-in weaker Pokémon for extra items to help evolve the remaining members of your stable. But after roughly half a year of playing Pokémon GO, isn’t it sort of hard to get excited about running into yet another wild Pidgey?

Not in Japan, at least as of November 23, 2016. Some Pokémon GO players who encountered Pidgey during their monster hunting found that what they ended up capturing actually wasn’t the much-derided flying Pokémon, but instead the long-anticipated shapeshifter Ditto in disguise! Aside from Pidgey, Japanese Pokémon Trainers have caught Zubats, Rattatas and Magikarp that also revealed themselves as Dittos after being captured.

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