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Edible Origami Crane Has Our Mouths Watering

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Next up we had a crystal potato chip served with poppy seeds and a konbu (kelp) and kaiso (seaweed) foam. The potato chip had a paper-thin texture to it, delivering a great crackling crunch with each bite. Remarkably, the salty, oily potato flavor was all there, despite its non-traditional form.

Nothing says molecular like a good foam, especially when it’s green! This tasted lovely and fresh, almost like a good spirulina, and offset the oil from the potato chip nicely. The tip was to get to it quick, as the bubbles in that foam didn’t stay around for long!

Plating of each dish was done with delicate precision. This was our next course—a potato of a different sort, the Japanese kiku-imo (“chrysanthemum potato”), which is actually Jerusalem artichoke. While the outside was not meant to be eaten, it was delightfully black and crunchy, with a charcoal-like consistency. The inside was starchy and delicious. The sprig of thyme and the muted flavors of the vegetable just served to lighten the flavor of the dish.

And now to one of the most beautiful-looking dishes we’d ever seen—foie gras with delicate origami cranes. The wood plate and pine needle garnish suggested there would be some earthy tones to this course. It was like a deconstructed Japanese forest!

The crane was perched on a dollop of thick yuzu sauce. Yuzu, an East Asian citrus fruit, is widely used in Japan, making this a distinctly Japanese dish. The sweetly tart flavor of the citrus complimented the plain taste of the origami, which was actually constructed from an edible paper-like sheet made from celeriac.

A look at the underside of the crane showed the delicate folds used in its construction. While the fois gras melted in your mouth, the folds of the origami provided varying degrees of texture to the dish, thanks to its thin, light wings and thicker, crunchy body.

While the celeriac origami dish may not be on the menu when you go, there's no doubt that Hashimoto has come up with some truly unique dishes that will leave you in awe.

To check out even more dishes from Celaravird, you can click on the full story from RocketNews24 below or visit the restaurant's website.

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