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Become a Modern Samurai in These Stylish Coats

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With winter on its way, it’s time to think about updating your cold-weather wardrobe. Sweaters and down jackets might be classic ways of staying warm, but if you’re looking for a fashion option that’s even more time-tested, Japanese apparel company Trove is back again this year with a selection of samurai-style haori coats.

In 2015, Trove offered two different styles of modernized haori, which were traditionally worn over kimono. This year, the lineup has been expanded to four different pieces, with the warmest being the ¥29,700 (US$288) Wool Haori, with a soft-to-the-touch wool/nylon/polyurethane shell and cupra rayon lining.

Trove lists the Wool Haori’s available colors as gray (left) and navy (right).

While the haori is an old-school garment, the simple, understated design means they can be paired just as easily with modern fashion as with traditional Japanese clothing.

Brand-new to Trove’s haori collection this year is the Masu-Ori Haori. Made of waffle-patterned cotton instead of wool, though with the same lining as the Wool Haori, this ivory-colored coat is also priced at ¥29,700.

Finally, Trove is also bringing back last year’s Ventile Haori, a golden cotton coat with a lining made of the flax-like material Ventile (and, like its other Trove haori brethren, selling for ¥29,700).

If you’re looking to go full samurai, Trove is now also offering wool hakama, the loose-fitting pants that were the norm for sharply dressed gentlemen of the feudal era. The ¥24,840 ($238.36) Wool Hakama feature the same wool/nylon/polyurethane material and colors as the Wool Haori.

The entire lineup can be ordered here through Trove’s website, with special instructions for overseas customers found here. Shipping is scheduled for early December, 2016.

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