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Halloween Shibuya 2014

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Japan isn’t a country that does things in half measures, and celebrations are no different, as evidenced by its world-famous festivals, or matsuri. And now that Japan has finally embraced Halloween, it's become a ghoulishly delightful celebration for residents and tourists alike.

While neighborhoods all over the country take up the holiday spirit in their own way with decorations, spooky-themed confections, parades and parties, no neighborhood does it quite like Tokyo’s legendary, densely-populated Shibuya district. Even if you're familiar with struggling through its iconic crosswalk and winding streets, you’ve never done it quite like this.

The video above shows the celebration in full swing, with costumes ranging from the expectedly kawaii to the macabre and downright bizarre, with no expense spared when it comes to showing up in style—like, say, renting a go kart to complete your costume, as you'll see below. Even the mellow tunes that accompany the sweeping shots can’t tone down the sheer, raucous excitement the holiday stirs up!

Between the clubs, restaurants, bars and izakaya (Japanese-style pubs) that keep the area hopping even on normal nights, there’s plenty to do. But if you’re like us, taking part in the late-night exodus should be at the top of your Halloween plans! Just stay safe ... and for Shibuya's sake, stay clean!

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