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Geta are Japan’s traditional wooden sandal-like clogs, still worn today for special occasions to accent a kimono or yukata. At summer festivals in particular, you can instantly pick out their distinctive, hollow clopping sound on the pavement as their wearers shuffle about.

But now, you don’t even need a reason to go out to put on a pair of stylish geta, with these handcrafted room slippers that look just like the real thing.

Each slipper is made by hand; the sole is carved from wood to support the bottom of the foot, and the strap is made with cushioned materials for extra comfort, allowing for extended wear without your feet getting sore or tired, like they would when wearing normal geta. The bottoms of the slippers are fitted with a thick cushion to prevent scuffing of indoor flooring, as well as to quiet the telltale clip-clop that geta make.

The sandal straps come in eight different designs (four modern Japan-esque patterns, each in two different colors), and the sole is made from a light but sturdy solid mahogany wood. With a gender-neutral look, couples can even wear them to match.

Fall may be fast approaching, but the heat of summer has yet to let up, so keep those feet looking and feeling cool with your own handcrafted pair of indoor geta, available for purchase through the Regaleria online shop (in Japanese only) for ¥9,800 (US$96.25) plus tax.

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