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Kanazawa's 'Ninja Temple'

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Here’s one temple you don’t want to forget to add to your itinerary: nicknamed the “Ninja Temple“ (Ninja-dera), Myoryu-ji Temple is not just your ordinary run-of-the-mill Buddhist sanctuary. Full of secrets and surprises, adults and children alike are sure to enjoy what this special place has to offer.

Located off the beaten path in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, approximately a two-and-a-half hour Shinkansen ride from Tokyo, Myoryu-ji gets its nickname from its numerous invader-repelling features, which include a watchtower, a secret hideout for warriors within the main temple, a number of hidden stairwells and pitfalls, and a dedicated room for committing seppuku, the gruesome, ritualistic act of self-disembowelment.

It’s hard to believe, but there were no actual ninjas ever sneaking around through this temple.

In total, there are 23 rooms and a mind-boggling 29 staircases throughout Myoryu-ji. Due to its complex structure, guests are led through the grounds by a guide, so if you plan to visit you’ll need to make reservations ahead of time. And while photography inside is strictly prohibited, the video above should give you a hint!

If you read on, note that RocketNews24 mistakenly uses the common reading of the kanji (妙立寺), mis-naming the temple "Myouritsu."

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