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One of the Best Parks for Pokémon Hunting

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Located in Tokyo’s Chuo Ward, Hamacho Park may not have quite as many Dratinis as Ueno, but you can definitely find the cute little guy there. What’s more, there are a whole host of other reasons Hamacho Park is a great place to spend an afternoon filling up your Pokédex.

Reason 1: Tons of Rare Pokémon

Our initial reason for going to Hamacho Park was that we’d heard it was a great place to catch Machops. It’s difficult enough to find one example of the pugilist Pokémon, but we were after a bunch in our quest to evolve it into Machamp, its stronger, four-armed form.

Not only did we capture enough Machops to do that, we also got our hands on all sorts of other rare critters, including Abra, Kadabra, Lickitung and Scyther specimens.

Reason 2: Awesome Leveling-Up Opportunities

One of the most effective ways to build up your Trainer level in Pokémon GO is to utilize the Lucky Egg item, which, among other benefits, gives you a huge experience bonus when you evolve your Pokémon. Since Hamacho Park is also filled with easy-to-evolve varieties such as Pidgey and Weedle, it’s a great place for mass evolution, and thus massive level gains.

Reason 3: Plenty of PokeStops

But with so many Pocket Monsters, of both the rare and common varieties, won’t you run out of Poké Balls to throw at them? Nope, because Hamacho Park is also peppered with PokeStops where you can stock up on the spherical capture devices, plus other helpful gear like potions and eggs.

Reason 4: A Place to Recharge Yourself & Your Phone

But no matter how many in-game items you stockpile, eventually your battery is going to run out on you. Thankfully, just two blocks away from Hamacho Park is the Meijiza theater complex, which has a branch of fast food chain Freshness Burger attached to it. Inside you’ll find seats with power outlets that’ll let you recharge your phone, and the restaurant’s menu of tasty sandwiches will help you quiet your growling stomach at the same time.

Reason 5: Incredibly easy public transportation access

Okay, so with plenty of Pokémon to catch and an essentially limitless supply of Poké Balls and electricity, it sound like you could be at Hamacho Park a long time. But getting home after a day of hunting isn’t an energy-consuming affair, since Hamacho Station, on the Shinjuku Line, is located right next to the park. Meaning that once you decide it’s time to head back to your apartment or hotel, you’re only a short walk away from the gates.

Just make sure to wrap things up before the last train, unless you want to follow up on a day of looking for Pokémon by spending your night looking for a cab.

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