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Feel Like Godzilla at Tobu World Square

World Heritage Theme Parks Bus Family Tochigi

Opened in Tochigi Prefecture in 1993, Tobu World Square features reproductions of famous buildings from around the world. The collection of 102 structures includes 45 World Heritage Sites such as the Giza pyramid complex and the Great Wall of China, all reproduced at 1/25 scale, down to cars, trains and miniature people.

Grace and Ryosuke from Texan in Tokyo headed out to wreak havoc on this miniature world, marveling at the detail of the models and their 7-centimeter (2.8-in) denizens. What you don't realize from photos of the park is that you can spend points from a ¥1,000 card to animate aspects of the models, sending boats moving or window washers going up and down the skyscrapers. It's very Thomas the Tank Engine!

Grace seemed to be most impressed by the miniature trees, which were indeed real foliage that was being trimmed while they were there. Check out the rest of their story below!

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