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Spectacular Handheld Bamboo Fireworks Photos

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Summer is the season for fireworks, and in Japan, tens of thousands of people gather to watch the thunderous sparks light up the warm evening skies. But there’s one fireworks festival that’s not quite like any other: the Gion Matsuri in Toyohashi, which, each year, takes place on the third Friday of July.

On July 15, 2016, 4,000 participants gathered with their hollowed-out bamboos stuffed with gun powder. These cannons, called tezutsu hanabi, are wrapped in sacred rope and prepared several months in advance. The men then light these fireworks and hold them securely to their bodies as sparks shoot up into the sky and then rain down on them.

Spoon & Tamago has even more absolutely incredible images of this glorious festival. Click the link below and prepared to be amazed!

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