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These 5 Horror Bento Will Eat Your Appetite!

| Bento , Spooky

For all you horror and Halloween fanatics, these bento are for you! Creativity abounds in turning delicious food into something that may make you lose your lunch. Could you imagine opening your bento and seeing these creations staring back at you? Nothing could ever quite grab our attention more than these grotesque lunches!

5. Zombie Bento

Thinking about brains has got us hungry for zombies. Or is it the other way around? Either way, these bento are sure to gross out anyone and leave stomachs churning!

4. Scream Bento

Do you like scary bento? The decorative vegetables off to the side almost look like flowers, which is funny. But we don’t think he’s laughing.

3. Detached Fingers Bento

These hot dog fingers may be simple, but the detail still makes them strikingly real. The contrast between the noodles and fingers makes you wonder about the story behind it. You know, if the fingers were real ...

2. Alien Bento

There's incredible detail on this Alien bento, but we're sensing an unappetizing trend in the use of ketchup. The alien is as gross in this bento as it was in the original movie. Don't serve it to Sir John Hurt.

1. Edward Scissorhands Bento

This one goes to this creepily accurate rendition of Edward Scissorhands. He comes with a balanced meal—and shredded hair!