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Japan's Most Surreal National Park

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Between approximately April 15 and May 10, right after the cherry blossoms fade each year, 4.5 million Nemophilia flowers bloom across the hills of Hitachi Seaside Park, turning the landscape into a vibrant sea of blue.

Located in Hitachinaka City on the west coast of Ibaraki Prefecture, the park spans over 190 hectares (470 acres) of land that was formerly used by the Japanese and U.S. military before being opened as a national park in 1991. The Nemophilia (also known as Baby Blue Eyes) were planted in the early 2000s. As the seasons change you can see a dozen other flowers come into bloom, including 1 million daffodils (or Narcissus), which bloom in late March to mid April; more than 280,000 tulips that bloom in mid to late April; and 36,000 kochia plants that turn the hills an equally surreal shade of red in early to mid October. You can see the entire blooming calendar here.

If you need a break from all the floral beauty, there's also an amusement park on-site, offering a Ferris wheel and a number of other rides for a very reasonable ¥410 for adults and ¥80 for children.

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