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Cheap & Lazy Hack for Pokémon Go

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As an augmented reality title, Pokémon Go takes place in the real world, meaning your phone actually has to be moving real-world distances for your Pocket Monster eggs to hatch. The standard required distance seems to be 10 kilometers (6.2 miles), which is a lot more walking than most people expect to do when playing a video game. What’s more, Niantic was clever enough to add another wrinkle, in that if the phone is moving at a speed greater than 10 kilometers an hour (6.2 mph), the distance doesn’t count toward hatching the egg, meaning that you can’t cheat by simply driving your phone around in a car or taking it for a ride on the train.

However, in putting together a historical collage of Pokémon pro tips, Japanese Twitter user @adure_ also highlights how to hatch your Pokémon Go egg without ever taking a single step.

All you need to do is set up a model railroad with a looped track layout, lay your smartphone down on one of the cars, then sit back and relax. Unless you’ve got an extremely speedy setup, the train’s speed should still be low enough to fly under Pokémon Go’s anti-vehicle radar, meaning it can do the egg-hatching legwork for you.

Just keep you fingers crossed that no one calls you before your baby Pokémon cracks its shell!

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