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Grace & Ryosuke at the 'Ryokan'

Onsen Accommodation Ryokan Video Japanese Countryside Tochigi

To celebrate several joyous occasions, the couple behind Texan in Tokyo, Grace and Ryosuke, headed to Tochigi Prefecture, home of the Shimofujiya Ryokan. This family-owned and operated traditional inn has been around since 1868, and is, according to Grace, the "best ryokan in Japan!"

While we'll admit that, unlike Grace, we do have several other ryokan to compare it to, you can't deny just how amazing Shimofujiya Ryokan looks on video. We watched with envy as they enjoyed the omotenashi of the staff helping Grace wear her yukata, the appetizing high-quality food, and the gorgeous hot spring baths around the facility.

If you're as intrigued as we are, by all means click here to visit the ryokan's website, and prepared to be pampered!