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7 Unique Burgers in Tottori

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Although you may not know it, Tottori Prefecture is a “holy land” for Japanese local hamburgers. The nation's largest festival of unique burgers, the Tottori Burger Festa, is held here annually, and the prefecture is home to a number of burgers well worth a taste!

7. Yumeminato Rice Squid Burger (Sakaiminato City)

This hamburger was inspired by rice-stuffed squid (ikameshi), a part of the characteristic local cuisine of Sakaiminato City. In this case, though, the rice is on the outside. Baked rice buns sandwich minced squid mixed with fish and local rice wine, topped with crunchy Welsh onion. These are made at the Tower's Café on the fourth floor of Yumeminato Tower.

6. Daisen Park Way Herb Chicken Nanban Burger (Yonago City)

The ingredients for this chicken burger are produced in the vicinity of Daisen Park Way, a series of scenic roads that cut through Daisen-Oki National Park. Available at Kitchen Nostalgia, the chicken patty is coated with three different batters and garnished with two types of sauce: tartar sauce made with local Welsh onion and jelly-like Nanban vinegar sauce.

- (Japanese)

5. Little Italy Gaina Chicken Burger (Yonago City)

This chicken burger was ranked No. 7 nationwide at Tottori Burger Festa 2011. Young farmers around the Yumigahama area of Tottori City collaborated with Café Dining Lounge The Park to produce this burger, paying particular attention to the texture of the chicken, the sweetness and flavor of the vegetables, and the chewy texture of the bun.

- (Japanese)

4. Maeda Farm Fine Juicy Burger (Yonago City)

This burger actually comes from a yakiniku (Korean-style barbecue) restaurant called Yakiniku Kuro. It features choice beef from the award-winning Maeda Farm and a special fon de veau sauce.

- (Japanese)

3. Beef Bone Ramen Burger (Kotoura Town)

This burger—from a ramen shop called Ganso Kotoura Ramen Takauna—replaces buns with noodles. Inside you'll find sprouts, Welsh onions, a fried egg and a slab of local Tohaku Black Beef simmered thoroughly in the shop's specialty beef bone soup.

- (Japanese)

2. Sakai Port Red Snow Crab Burger (Sakaiminato City)

Sakai Port in Sakaiminato City is known as the best port in Japan for catching red snow crabs. This local burger takes fried jumbo crab legs and sandwiches them with a poached egg and lettuce, offering a rare chance to get proper crab legs in a burger. The kani miso (crab brain) butter sauce adds a subtle and delicious taste. This burger can be found at the Yokai Chaya tea house at the GeGeGe no Yokai Rakuen theme park.

1. Tsumagi Japanese Black Beef A4 Burger (Yonago City)

Located in the center of Yonago City, the Yokkaichi-machi area is a battleground gourmet district featuring a number of stylish cafés. This burger is a regular favorite, winner at the Masamizu Kogen Assembly Hall at Tottori Burger Festa 2010. It's made of Hoki Black Beef of rank A4 or above, complemented with a strip of Tottori pork and garnished with a demi-glace sauce made with Yuigahama onions and acorn miso.

- (Japanese)