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Ghibli's 'Red Turtle' Trailer is Beautiful

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Ever since Hayao Miyazaki officially went into retirement, fans of Studio Ghibli have been wondering what will become of the animation production house. Would its quality drop? Would it shut down entirely?

But then late in December 2015, we got word of Studio Ghibli’s first film that would be released following Miyazaki’s retirement: The Red Turtle. It’s a French-Japanese production, with the French side handling the directing/script-writing, and the Japanese side handling the art.

The thought of this production being only “half-Ghibli” may be worrying for some, but after having watched the recently-released trailer for The Red Turtle, we think it’s say to say that we can put those fears to rest.

The movie is set for French release on June 29, 2016, and the Japanese release after that in September. There’s no word yet on release dates for other countries, but seeing as the film has almost no dialogue in it, we can only imagine that the localization process should be pretty simple.

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