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Fans of both Star Wars and traditional Japanese clothing: your day has come! These new hanten, traditional short-sleeve Japanese jackets, perfectly mix old and new without going overboard. Called Wa-Robe (or “Japanese-style Robe”), the jackets come in beige, ivory and black.

One jacket sports an image of Yoda on a rock looking contemplative and is available in beige only.

The other offers an image of the poster for the original Star Wars film, which you can have in black or ivory.

Of course, it might seem odd to put the graphics on the inside of the jackets, but we think it helps maintain a good balance. And each one features “Star Wars” in large, bold letters on the back of the collar, so your love for the franchise is never totally hidden.

In addition to the jackets, a juban shirt (basically a Japanese-style undershirt) will also be available with a print that features both the Millennium Falcon and X-wing fighters. You can pair these undershirts with one of the Wa-Robes for a truly Star Wars-themed torso!

The Wa-Robes and juban shirt won’t be available until June, but you can pre-order them now on Trove. The jackets are ¥19,440 each (about US$177) and the juban shirt is ¥11,880 (about US$110). Unfortunately, Trove only offers shipping in Japan, so they recommend using Tenso if you’re outside the country.

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