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No Need to Shed Any More Tears, Cosplayers!

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While you might be putting a lot of effort into cosplay, there’s no need to put your actual blood, sweat and tears into it. As a matter of fact, cosplay supply company Assist Wig has a new product that’ll take care of those.

As its name implies, Assist Wig primarily specializes in cosplay hairpieces, but the company’s catalog now includes Namida Gel, with namida being the Japanese word for “tears.”

The gel is of thick enough consistency that you can make tears of any size or shape you want. At the same time, it won’t harden or dry out, meaning that you can make fine adjustments repeatedly after applying it.

Packaged in a 30-gram (1.1-ounce) tube, Namida Gel is hyaluronan-based and won’t leave a residue that could sully the outfit you spent countless hours sewing and assembling. It’s also gentle to the skin and won’t cause irritation, always something to be thankful for with products that’re going to be on your face for an extended period of time while the photographer snaps away.

Not only is Namida Gel perfect for cosplaying as characters dealing with a traumatic past or having a cathartic cry after losing a loved one to Anime Waif Syndrome, it’s also a great choice for fans of the booming-hot-athletic-guys-sweating-in-close proximity-to-one-another genre, since the gel is also effective for recreating perspiration.

Namida Gel can be ordered here directly from Assist Wig for ¥880 (US$8). Oh, and if you’re looking to complete the blood, sweat and tears triumvirate, don’t forget to pick up a tube of their fake hemoglobin while you’re at it.

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