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KO Your Smartphone with these Toy Stands

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Thanks to the newest trends in capsule toys, we don’t even need to feel badly about our purchases at gatchapon machines, because some of them are downright functional—like these Street Fighter II smartphone stand figures!

It seems both Ken and Ryu are having a difficult time taking down this smartphone.

Chun-Li, on the other hand, is holding her own (and your smartphone) as she does her Hyakuretsukyaku special kick attack.

If it weren't for the suction cup attached to his fists, this smartphone would certainly have crushed even Dhalsim's arms.

And Guile has given up trying to hold his own against the smartphone and has settled for being a glass stand instead.

The capsule toys will be available at gachapon machines from around the end of April 2016 for ¥400 (about US$3.58), and are being produced by Kitan Club.

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