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How to Use a Loppi Ticket Machine

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Now your payment options will come up. The left button is for credit card; the right is for cash. If you select cash, your invoice will print and you can take it to the counter to pay. If you select credit card, as above, you'll pay at the machine.

If you select credit card, you'll get this notification of the cards that are accepted. Hit the yellow Next button.

Now swipe your card and enter your PIN. You're almost done!

Getting Your Tickets

Getting Your Tickets

Now your invoice will print. It just looks like a regular receipt, but it's very important! Regardless of whether you paid by cash or credit, you need to take this to the counter within 30 minutes.

If you've selected cash payment, you'll first have to pay at the counter just like any other purchase. If you've already paid by credit card, just present your invoice to the counter staff and they'll prepare your tickets in an envelope like the one above.

That's it! You're done!

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