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Tokyo's Final Photos of the Sakura Season?

Shrines Cherry Blossoms Tokyo

Every year, sakura petals produce a gorgeous display for everyone to enjoy. Sadly, the cherry blossoms don’t hang around too long, and the beautiful petals start to scatter. Fortunately, they go out with a gorgeous bang. There’s even a term for cherry blossoms floating in the air: sakura fubuki, which translates as "sakura blizzard."

One great destination for cherry blossoms is Tokyo's Yasukuni Shrine, where the koi swimming below the sakura petals are so perfect it could be a painting.

These photos really do look like a blizzard has just rolled through!

The pink petals almost look like small little pebbles next to the ivory and gray rocks.

The Dutch angle works surprisingly well for cherry blossom photography!

Even if you missed out on cherry blossom season, you can always go back to our Cherry Blossom Week where you view pictures of cherry blossoms all year round! And forget that sakura season starts later in northern Japan!

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