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Want to Get a Beer at KFC?

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Tokyo’s Takadanobaba neighborhood has just about the highest concentration of students that you’ll find in the city. As such, the neighborhood is packed with places to get quick, filling meals and places to get liquored up, which brings us to this very unique branch of KFC.

The Takadanobaba branch of Kentucky Fried Chicken was recently renovated, with its grand reopening on April 1, 2016. Among other things, it’s now got a stylish new exterior and interior.

Look closely, and you’ll see that next to the door is an announcement that it’s a café and bar, and that’s the truth.

After 5 p.m., this KFC starts selling alcohol!

It’s not like they just keep a couple cans of Asahi chilling in the refrigerator, either. No fewer than 17 beers are on offer, including a selection of Japanese regional craft brews.

You can even ask the staff to whip you up a cocktail, such as the highball-like Colonel’s Hi, made with Suntory whisky and priced at ¥460 (US$4.10).

This being KFC, of course there’s a steady supply of fried chicken flowing from the kitchen.

But the menu isn’t afraid to also get a little fancier than plain old Original Recipe. For example, there’s also chicken cordon blue ratatouille (¥680 [US$6.20])...

...smoked chicken pepperoncino pasta (¥700 [$6.40])...

...and snacks such as this mixed olive plate (¥380 [$3.50]).

Right now this is the only KFC in Japan that serves alcohol, and is well worth a visit if you’re looking for another place to combine your love of alcoholic beverages and comforting fast food.

For more pictures of delicious KFC food and information on the store, be sure to read the full article below the break!

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