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Fancy Wearing a Kimono on your Head?

Kimono Fashion Souvenirs

After a year in development, Japanese company W@nder Fabric has released a unique lineup of caps made with traditional fabrics sourced from vintage kimono and obi sashes that are simply stunning.

From beautifully patterned plain fabrics to more colorful, vibrant designs, there are more than 100 styles to choose from.

Prices range from ¥8,190 (US$72.51) for the “Variation Kimono Cap” design, which features a patterned peak... ¥9,345 for the colorful “Kimono Cap” style...

...up to ¥10,290 (US$91.25) for shiny, top-of-the-range “Kimono Obi Cap” designs.

Even the plain-colored caps feature gorgeous details that reveal traditional Japanese motifs and patterns.

The company prides itself on bringing new life to traditional vintage fabrics, saving materials from going to waste by re-using them in a way that appeals to the modern market. The caps are made from unique garments, meaning each pattern or design is only available in limited numbers.

To see the caps on the streets of New York in the company’s ad campaign, head over to the W@nder Fabric website and online store. While they’re currently delivering within Japan only, the newly established company is seeking overseas buyers to distribute the caps internationally, especially for the U.S. market, so it shouldn’t be too long before you can purchase one of these unique caps in your area.

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