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Lexus Designs a $1,320 Backpack!

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One of the most iconic school items you’ll see this time of year is the distinctive Japanese randoseru, a satchel-style backpack commonly used by elementary students that’s so eye-catching its garnered the attention of Lexus, the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker Toyota.

Lexus has designed its own version of a randoseru that's retailing for an eye-watering ¥153,000 (about US$1,320) and is made-to-order in five different colors: black, green, navy blue, brown and pink.

The bags form part of the "Lexus Collection 2016” and are made with the same carbon fiber materials used in the Lexus LFA two-seater sports car. Created in collaboration with carbon textile maker hide k 1896, the range also includes a number of other accessories, available in either black or red as shown below.

This business card holder (¥26,600 [about US$234]) has room for up to 40 cards.

The card and key case (¥16,800 [US$148]) is perfectly designed to hold your Lexus car key.

Completing the luxury collection is a box-shaped coin case for ¥19,300 ($US170).

The range of goods is currently available to purchase from Lexus dealerships around the country. Considering the price tag on the range, we will be eagerly waiting to see if any elementary school students will be sporting a Lexus randoseru backpack when school starts!

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