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Pompompurin Takes Over Shinjuku Station!

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With well over a billion people passing through it every year, Shinjuku Station is a prime advertising location. So Sanrio decided to celebrate Pompompurin's 20th birthday with a whole bunch of huggable Pompompurin!

On Monday morning, Shinjuku Station’s Tokyo Metro Promenade, which connects to the entrance to the Marunouchi subway line, looked like this.

The corridor’s pillars have been turned into rows of plush Pompoms! And it’s not that Sanrio just mass-produced a single pattern and wrapped it around each column. Each one looks to have a unique expression.

It’s all part of Pompompurin’s 20th birthday celebration, and we imagine plenty of passengers were thrilled to have the character welcome them to Shinjuku or see them off.

If you don’t think you could resist the urge to grab onto one of these adorable Pompoms, don’t worry, because Sanrio is actively encouraging people to give them a squeeze.

And yes, Pompompurin’s famous posterior has been lovingly rendered.

The Pompoms will be hanging around Shinjuku Station until March 13, so you'd better hurry! The Metro Promenade corridor is open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., meaning that they’re standing by to give you an energizing hug whether you’re on your way to the office or home from the bars.

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