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This 3DS LL Design is a Blast From the Past

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Consoles from the early '90s may not have had high-level graphics, but they sure did have heart. And now, thanks to Nintendo, you can relive that sense of nostalgia with the new 3DS.

For those unfamiliar with the design of consoles from the 20th century, the North American Super NES was oddly angular up top and had a weird, wavy, baked-good-like ridge running along its base, plus its entirely subdued hues made it look cold and lifeless. But despite its appearance, it gave North American gamers a system to run Chrono Trigger, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and the first-ever Mario Kart game.

By comparison, the Super Famicom—and the European Super NES for that matter—looked equal parts high-tech and fun thanks to its sleek, colorful design.

As a matter of fact, the Super Famicom is so memorably eye-pleasing that Nintendo is bringing its design back again for a new edition of its 3DS LL handheld system.

Set to be released in mid-April 2016, the casing’s artwork is so faithful that you might find yourself trying to actually slide the drawn-on power switch up or insert a Super Famicom game into the not-quite-quadrilateral that represents the cartridge slot.

The theme continues inside, with the Y, X, B and A buttons colored just like their counterparts on the Super Famicom controller.

The 3DS LL Super Famicom Edition comes bundled with a 4-gigabyte memory card and is priced at ¥21,600 (US$195). The special system will be sold exclusively by preorder through Nintendo’s website here. No announcement has yet been given regarding the possibility of a North American-spec version—or a less-appealing Super NES equivalent.

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