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Leggo My Sushi Roll!

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Hardcore Lego enthusiast Doctor Pei recently slapped down four 32-by-32-peg Lego base plates and built himself a miniature kaitenzushi restaurant, as revolving sushi joints are called in Japan.

Inside, there’s a colorful collection of customers, including samurai and aliens chowing down on slices of bright red maguro (tuna) sushi and knocking back glasses of draft beer.

But as impressive as the mix of fanciful and realistic touches look in still images, what’s even cooler is that the plates in Doctor Pei’s Lego revolving sushi restaurant actually revolve around the interior!

The Lego enthusiast’s eye for detail is so precise that the chefs can be seen working with blocks of salmon (orange) and egg (yellow), both sushi mainstays. Star Wars’ BB-8 is a less traditional sushi ingredient, however.

In a series of photos on his blog, Doctor Pei provides even more close-up views of the restaurant, revealing noteworthy sights such as the chef with a blowtorch making aburi-style seared sushi…

… the fish tank, which ensures the food is as fresh as possible…

… and the register, complete with the basket into which you place your bills and change when paying for things in Japan.

And that’s just the beginning of the awesome little surprises to be found. See how many more you can spot in the video, and check out Doctor Pei’s blog, Dr. Pei’s Lego Research Journal, for more of his awesome block-based creations.

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